Lynne Hybels


 In 1975, Lynne & Bill Hybels started Willow Creek Community Church, where Lynne has been an active volunteer ever since. For decades she engaged in ministry partnerships in under-resourced communities in Latin America and Africa. More recently she has advocated for Comprehensive Immigration Reform on behalf of the hundreds of undocumented immigrants who call Willow Creek their church home.

Since 2009 Lynne has been trying to discern what it means to follow Jesus into places of conflict. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the deadliest conflict since WWII still rages, she has partnered with local churches caring for women who have been brutally raped, and has supported grassroots peacemaking efforts. In the Holy Land she hosts groups of American Christians who want to learn from Israelis and Palestinians who are working for dignity, security, and freedom for all the people in the Holy Land. Lynne also raises awareness and funds for Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis.  

 Lynne and Bill have two grown children, Shauna and Todd, one son-in-law, Aaron Niequist, and two grandsons, Henry and Mac, who run the family.

 Lynne wrote Nice Girls Don't Change the World and blogs at