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Why Thumbprints?

Esperance lives in the Democratic Republic Congo, the worst place in the world to be a woman. She is 50 years old, a mother of four children and a widow. Esperance watched her husband die at the hand of rebels. She was violently raped and would have died if her sisters did not rescue her. She is a survivor of the worst violence imaginable, a violence that has plagued nearly 90 percent of women in Congo. Today she is a peacemaker living in a war zone, helping to stem the tide of violence in the Congo, waging peace in tangible ways with thousands like her.

Esperance cannot read or write. To give permission to share her story, she asked her pastor to write these words: "Tell my story." Then, underneath, she stamped her thumbprint.

Thumbprints, a defining biometric, prove that every person is as human as the next. They speak to the irreplaceable and unrepeatable nature of a single human life. Esperance’s thumbprint is our mandate to tell her story, and thousands like it.

Storyographer Chelsea Hudson

Storyographer Chelsea Hudson


The Problem

Violence against women is present in every war zone in the world. Hundreds of women are raped every day on the front lines of conflict.

“When you break the heart, you break the community,” said one WarloRd to a pastor..

Ending violence against women in conflict includes changing community perceptions about sexual violence, putting an end to stigma so that survivors can receive adequate care and restoration.


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Give a financial gift to grassroots programs building RESILIENCY in women and girls living in the world's worst conflict zones.

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The Solution

Our response is two-fold:  advocating on a global level, urging the UN and other government leaders to follow through on resolutions that protect women in conflict zones, and funding programs on a local level  through our implementing partners in three of the most dangerous places to be a woman - the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Syria/Iraq.  


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