Krista Gilbert


Krista Gilbert is the author of Reclaiming Home, A Family’s Guide to Life, Love, and Legacy.  She lives in the mountains of the Northwest with her husband and four children. Passionate about bringing meaning and fun to the table, she inspires others to live their lives on purpose - encouraging deep roots of connection, faith, love, and grace.  

Krista taught English and basic environmental education Central America for a year, and most recently spent some time serving in Honduras and Guatemala with her family.  She believes that we all can make a difference on a global scale by reaching out in big or small ways to those outside of our own privileged nation.  We can’t do everything, but we can do something. Krista’s “something" right now is stepping out of her comfort zone to climb with One Million Thumbprints  to heighten awareness and raise funds for women and children who are victims of violence in the most war torn areas of the world.  

When she isn’t blogging at, or daring families at, you will find her dancing around the kitchen cooking, laughing wholeheartedly, or racing her kids down a ski run.