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Ending Violence Against Syrian Women and Children


Over 1 million refugees have fled to the Beqaa Valley since the beginning of the war in Syria. More than 80% are women and children. One Million Thumbprints is partnering with Together for the Family, a nonprofit  working in Lebanon and Syria to support Syrian refugees. To honor the mothers of Syria, a delegation of women will travel to the border of Syria to honor refugee mothers overcoming the violence of war.

On May 16th, in solidarity with Syrian mothers and children, the delegation will be climbing the Cedars of Lebanon, a place with significant historical and Biblical significance, but also a geographical landmark that has witnessed centuries and centuries of strife. Peace is needed now more than ever. The delegation is also raising money specificallgy for these projects.

Ruth Bell Olsson and her daughter Zinnia Olsson will be joining this delegation. Ruth began her activism decades ago in the arena of HIV/AIDS. Since then she has become an ally, accomplice and advocate for gender equality, racial equity, LGBTQ inclusion, peacemaking and soul care. Ruth is a graduate of Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary. She currently serves as a leader at Mayflower Congregational Church and is working on her first book. Zinnia has spent time in Africa, Central American, and Europe and has a heart for women and children who are underserved. She is studying Spanish and communications at North Park University. As a young woman, and part of the #MeToo movement, Zinnia has compassion and perspective to offer other young women facing difficult circumstances. 

Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

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1MT Mexico Climb


                                                  Curtis and Susan Vanden Bos will climb two volcanoes in Mexico to raise awareness for Syrian refugees

                                                  Curtis and Susan Vanden Bos will climb two volcanoes in Mexico to raise awareness for Syrian refugees

On November 24, 2017 Curtis and Susan Vanden Bos will embark on an expedition to Mexico to attempt to climb two volcanoes—Izta (17,343 feet) and Orizaba (18,850 feet). Like many people utilize their hobbies or passions to raise money for clean water, orphanages, and other injustices around the world, Curtis and Susan will be using this as a catalyst to raise awareness for women and children in Syria.  Both Itza and Orizaba are glaciated mountains and offer a great arena to exercise Curtis' and Susan's love of mountaineering. 

Curtis and Susan Vanden Bos spend much of their year in the wilderness of northern Michigan at Camp Paradise, the summer camp where they both work that serves families through father-child camps. At Camp Paradise, they have the opportunity to share their passion for the natural world with kids, students, and adults alike. When they’re not working, they live this love out through their climbing.  

As the refugee crisis in the Middle East has grown worse, their hearts have been turned toward finding a way to do what they can to help—in particular, help the most vulnerable: women and children. Curtis and Susan wrestled with two of their passions: climbing and refugees. When they heard about the Mount Kilimanjaro climb for One Million Thumbprints two years ago, they realized that’s something they could do too.

Follow Curtis and Susan during their climb on Facebook (susanvandenbos and curtisvandenbos), Twitter (@susanvandenbos and @curtisvandenbos) or Instagram (@susanvandenbos and @curtisvandenbos).


1MT CLIMB: March 4-9, 2016