Ending Violence in Syria

Over 1 million refugees have fled to the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon since the beginning of the war in Syria. More than 80% are women and children. One Million Thumbprints is partnering with Together for the Family, a nonprofit  working in Lebanon and Syria to support Syrian refugees.

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Addressing Trauma

Most women and children fleeing the war in Syria face separation from their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers. Thousands of Syrian men over the age of 16 are conscripted, kidnapped or killed. Women and/or their children are forced into labor or sexual servitude through temporary “marriages” or sexual "payment" for rent, protection, food or medicine.

Beyond experiencing these forms of violence, Syrian women and children face dreadful living conditions. Medical care and education are sub-standard or nonexistent. Economic opportunity is absent.  Life for Syrian refugee women and children in the Beqaa Valley is daily, stressful and violent. 

Partner with One Million Thumbprints by  providing trauma care for a Syrian woman for one month ($75) or one year ($900).

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Protecting Children

Over 80,000 Syrian Refugee babies have been born in various regions of Lebanon since the Syrian war began. The Babies Project was birthed out of a desire to see Syrian newborns survive their first year of life. Through its child-maternal health program, our local partner, Together for The Family, is meeting the most basic needs for both mother and baby in the form nutrition, seasonally appropriate clothes and medicine. 

Together for the Family is providing basic child and maternal health services  to mothers and babies from pre-birth to 12 months old in one year cycles, or “classes,” of twenty babies each. Trauma care is also integrated into the annual program.

Partner with us by providing health services for a mother and child for one month ($90) or a full year ($1,080).


Empowering Families

The Community Center Safe Zone Project was created in response to the severe need for safe, protected, non-sectarian space for Syrian refugees to receive educational, vocational, and economic and medical help. 

Safe Zones are proven to prevent and reverse the traumatizing effects associated with war. Located in neutral, non-sectarian, non-governmental area, the Safe Zone welcomes refugees of any background to participate in conflict resolution skill training, trauma care and healing through art and music therapy.  The Safe Zone will also provide support and referrals for basic life necessities, medical care, and education for children from pre-school to vocational. 

Partner with us by providing education for  a child for one month of school ($100) or  a full year ($1,200).