Chelsea Hudson


Chelsea Hudson is a wedding, portrait and humanitarian photographer and passionate abolitionist. Chelsea's journey into activism began about 5 years ago as her eyes, mind and heart were opened to the atrocity of human trafficking, occurring both domestically and abroad. As a suburban American mother, she struggled to find her place in this critical fight for justice. Inspired by Sir Edmund Burke's quote, "No man makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can do only a little," she started the Do A Little Good to curate and share creative, simple ways the everyday mother, woman or person can engage with larger issues of justice.

Chelsea has traveled extensively overseas and her photojournalism stories of hope and freedom have been featured on the ONE CampaignDalit Freedom Network and various other social enterprises around the world. She coordinates local climbs and fundraisers for One Million Thumbprints, empowering people to take a personal, physical risk to end violence against women in war.  As a mother of three young girls, she has a passion to see women around the globe free to love, care for and empower their daughters without fear of violence or exploitation. Chelsea resides in suburban Maryland along with her husband, John, and their daughters Adelaide, Sydney and Nadia, as well as an assortment of chickens and guinea pigs.