Kris Bailey


Kris has been an advocate for women and children at risk through her role over the past few years as a founding member and leader of Women Who Stand, a volunteer advocacy group of World Relief, with the goal of improving the health and safety of women worldwide. By joining the team, Kris is adding her own mark, her unique thumbprint, to raise the banner of peace for women and children affected by war. We often hear about "waging war," but we do not often hear about "waging peace." The verb, wage, means to carry on, to pursue. To wage peace does not imply passive complicity to accept the status quo; rather, it mandates a fierce determination to steer through conflict to bring reconciliation.

Through participation in this climb, Kris seeks to empower peacemakers of the world who are staking their claim to peace in their own communities from the ground up. Kris is honored to embrace the challenges of summiting Kilimanjaro on behalf of women and children in war ravaged countries like Sudan and Congo. She also appreciates the embrace of her family in this personal challenge.