Strength for the Climb

"We climb because of mountains. Real ones made of forest, stone, and snow invite us to explore their grandeur, their mystery, but also their challenge, complexity, and danger. They call to us to conquer them, to prove we are able to touch, even change, something bigger than ourselves. And as we conquer, something is conquered in us too.
We climb because we must. Life is a mountain, and all of us face challenges—some welcome, some formidable. We have no choice but to climb." —Belinda Bauman

It's as easy as adding your thumbprint, giving a gift, and downloading the Strength for the Climb Devotional featuring Christine Caine, Shauna Niequist, Amena Brown, and other incredible women making their mark on the plight to overcome untold violence and suffering. By donating today or downloading this devotional, you are adding your name to thousands of others who are standing up and fighting for the rights of women in war zones. Thank you!


Header Image: Sean Sheridan/World Relief